On going Need Materials

On going Need Materials

We are interested to purchase material or scrap for post industrial scrap or post consumer scrap.

The material which we source for the recycle as below chart:-

Grade Material Description
PP Bottle caps, drinking straws, yogurt containers, appliances, car fenders (bumpers), plastic pressure pipe systems
PP YARN Natural Woven Sacks & Rope
PP COPO Used battery casing
LDPE Outdoor furniture, siding, floor tiles, shower curtains, clamshell packaging.
LLDPE Natural Stretch Wrap Film
HDPE Detergent bottles, milk jugs, and molded plastic cases.
HDINJ Any Crate Grade Materials
HDPE Blow Any Used Bottle & Detergent
ABS Electronic equipment cases (e.g., computer monitors, printers, keyboards), drainage pipe.
PS Packaging foam/”peanuts”, food containers, plastic tableware, disposable cups, plates, cutlery, CD and cassette boxes
PC Compact discs, eyeglasses,  security windows, traffic lights, lenses.
HIPS Refrigerator liners, food packaging, vending cups.


1. We source materials in just about any form & size such as in scraps press in bale, film rolls, regrind, reprocesses, cut off sheets, bottle, pipes, parts & etc.


2. Our modern fleet of transportation offer collection of waste materials, whenever you required us throughout Malaysia. Collection can be arranged in bulks form for all the material.


3. We offer reprocessing service if you have products / scraps need to be reprocess and recycle.